Custodian Services

The Bank takes on the following responsibilities:

  • The Bank performs custodian services for different types of securities.
  • Income is deposited to clients’ accounts, and they automatically receive a statement of interest, dividends and payments.
  • Based on the client’s instructions, the Bank will purchase/sell securities in capital increases, exercise options or convertible rights, handle dividends and perform similar services.
  • Upon request, the Bank can procure for the client entry and voting tickets. It can also act as proxy at the annual meeting of shareholders.
  • The client can also request at any time an account or custody account statement showing clearly the account’s current value.

To obtain a bank custody account, the client should first open a current account with the Bank. The Bank has a long and successful relationship with Clearstream Banking and Gazprombank Custody, which is one of the largest custodian banks in Russia.