Working capital

1. Overdraft facilities

Commercial credits can be utilized on a current account basis in the form of fixed advances or documentary credits and bank guarantees. As such, these lines of credit can be repaid at any time and without notification

Our terms & conditions:

  • Variable rate of interest
  • May be amended at any time in line with the prevailing money and capital market conditions
  • The rate is set individually, depending on the client’s creditworthiness
  • Reduced interest is charged if readily realizable collateral is provided (in the form of securities, for instance)
  • On top of the applicable interest, a credit commission of 0.25% per quarter is payable

Detailed information:

  • Usable currencies: Swiss francs and all common foreign currencies.
  • Minimum amount: no minimum.
  • Maturity/term: no special maturity or term.
  • Termination: can be terminated immediately by either party at any time.
  • Statements of account: quarterly, at the end of each quarter (March, June, September, December).
  • Interest accrual: by means of accrual on the current account, i.e. both interest payable on credit balances and interest due on debit balances, along with any commission charges, is automatically added to or deducted from the credit/debit balance as applicable as at the accounting date.
  • Disbursement: after all loan files have been put together as per the contractual agreement.
  • Repayment: as contractually agreed or on a discretionary basis, as per the applicable credit requirement.
  • Advantages: offers the flexibility to adapt to any credit requirement. Interest is accrued on the basis of the actual amount borrowed. Usable in Swiss francs and all common foreign currencies.


2. Fixed advance

The fixed advance can be used to finance capital spending and working capital. The principal, the term and the rate of interest are fixed in advance for the entire duration of the advance

The Fixed Advance provides you with an additional temporary liquidity reserve. It gives you more financial freedom and at the same time increases your entrepreneurial flexibility, allowing you to respond to market opportunities quickly and in a targeted manner.

Key points

  • Short-term capital and interest-rate commitment
  • Interest rates based on money market developments
  • Fixed calculation basis
  • Tailored adjustment to meet the specific funding needs
  • Options for interest rate hedging available
  • No credit commission