Board of Directors

The BOD is the bank’s most senior body and it is ultimately responsible for the Bank’s strategic development and the supervision of its executive management. It also approves the Bank’s financial plans, defines risk principles and risk capacity, as well as it approves the published financial statements. The members of the BOD are elected on individual basis by the Ordinary Annual General Meeting. The members of the BOD are non-executives and financially literate persons.

The composition of the BOD is as follows:


Vaksman, Oleg M.
President, Moscow

Deputy Chairman of Digital Horizon

Kamyshev, Denis V.
Member, Moscow

First Vice-President of Gazprombank (JSC)

Kloeti, Urs
Member, Richterswil         

Partner of Pestalozzi Attorneys at Law and a member
of Pestalozzi’s Financial Services group

Dr. Kuoni, Wolfram
Vice-President, Herrliberg   

Founding Partner of Kuoni Attorneys at Law

Schönenberger, Albert
Member, Zug   

Long experience from 1974 to 2008 in banking and financial 
services at different offices of PWC

Barrett, Christopher Member, UK


More than 35 years of qualified knowledge in corporate governance and risk management within the financial sector